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Legend of the Bluebird

In the Native American Tradition

"In an ancient Pima tale, the Bluebird is described as having been an ugly color, but then one day

it found a sacred lake where no water ever flowed in or out.  The bird bathed in it four times every morning

for four mornings, signing a sacred song.  On that fourth morning, it came out of the water with no feathers at all. 

When it bathed itself again on the fifth morning, it came out of the sacred lake with its blue feathers.

The Bluebird became a symbol of transformation through sacred song and sacred acts."  - Ted Andrews

Amy Lewis Sweetman __ AGRISCULPTURE Founder and Designer of Transformation Trails

Amy Lewis Sweetman, founder of AGRISCULPTURE,

was commissioned by the Town of Warwick, NY

to create the Name, Concept, Logo, Masterplan and

Renderings for a new park that existed at that time as

a mere 10 acre parcel of land surrounded by

20 foot tall prison fencing formerly belonging

to the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility. 

During Amy's first walk on site - with Geoff Howard

and Warwick Tree Commissioner Karen Emmerich - a beautiful Bluebird and its mate flew across Amy's field of vision within the fenced area.  Its brilliant color and melodious song brought to her mind - the Native American legend of the Bluebird - the bird of Transformation.


That very day - within the mind of Amy Lewis Sweetman - Transformation Trails was born.  

BLUEBIRD : Community Sculpture at Transformation Trails



Participate in bringing BLUEBIRD - the very first Community Sculpture - to “Transformation Trails : from Prison to Park – Warwick NY’s Arboretum with Pollinator Meadows, Sculpture and History!”

Buy a steel Limited Edition personal sized BLUEBIRD Sculpture (comes in three sizes) and 50% of each sale goes to crowdfunding the large scale metal BLUEBIRD : Community Sculpture by AGRISCULPTURE – the first permanent sculpture currently in the design phase - to be created for Transformation Trails in Warwick.

Hurry!  There are only 400 Limited Edition personal sized BLUEBIRD Sculptures!

BLUEBIRD small : $100 each __ (sized to fit into an 8.5” square) __ Limited Edition of 250 sculptures

BLUEBIRD medium : $250 each __ (sized to fit into a 17” square) __ Limited Edition of 100 sculptures

BLUEBIRD large : $500 each __ (sized to fit into a 34” square) __ Limited Edition of 50 sculptures

BLUEBIRD Sculptures in Three Sizes __ by AGRISCULPTURE

BLUEBIRD Sculptures come in Three Sizes!

Zelle QR Code __ Send Money to Amy Lewis Sweetman.jpeg

Order via Zelle using 914-213-1598

The sale of all 400 Limited Edition personal sized BLUEBIRD Sculptures will successfully crowdfund

the large scale BLUEBIRD : Community Sculpture at Transformation Trails.  The 400 Contributors

will have the name of their choosing represented here on the website - as well as physically on site at Transformation Trails near the BLUEBIRD : Community Sculpture. 

Buy a Limited Edition personal sized steel BLUEBIRD Sculpture by AGRISCULPTURE today!

Please allow 3-6 weeks for your BLUEBIRD Sculpture to be crafted and available for pickup at AGRISCULPTURE Studios of Warwick, NY.  Need it shipped?  No worries mate!  Simply email to make arrangements.



Warwick Valley Welding


Amy & Tim Noteboom

The Somervilles

Grouse About - ADK

DeGraw and DeHaan Architects


Karen Emmerich

Brenden Wagner & Johanna Zacarias

Patricia McMillan

Sara Werling

Frank Helme

Michael Sweeton

Tina Palecek

Sumitra Chatterjee

Jesse Dwyer

Morgan Ver Duin & Justin Kain

In Honor of Carolyn Young

Casa al Mare

Casa al Mare, Chatham

Peggy Wasnieski

Ashley Boot & Samuel Ver Duin

The Hixon Family

In Memory of Joan Malcolm

BLUEBIRD Sculptures love to migrate - and currently they can be found in 7 US States!

- New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Hampshire -
Where will the next BLUEBIRD Sculpture fly?  

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