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Transformation Trails __ 27 Trees planted in Arboretum __ Nov 4 2023

The Arboretum at Transformation Trails

Warwick NY's Living Museum

Warwick NY's Arboretum within Transformation Trails is growing everyday!  The first five trees

were planted at the public Opening Day Celebration for Transformation Trails on Saturday, April 29, 2023

under the expert guidance of the Warwick Shade Tree Commission Members Connor Smith and Carl Lloyd

alongside the Town of Warwick DPW.  Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton assisted in the planting, along with the

Warwick Tree Commissioner Karen Emmerich, as well as Raluca Gold-Fuchs, members of Sustainable Warwick,

members of the Warwick Valley Gardeners and Amy Lewis Sweetman of AGRISCULPTURE.  

After the first Summer of growth, on November 4, 2023, another twenty seven trees were added

to this beautiful space with the help of about 60 volunteers from the Warwick government and community. 

All thirty three trees were planted thanks to the gracious support of Sponsors. 

33 Trees Planted in 2023

Scarlet Oak  -  Warwick Shade Tree Commission

Pin Oak  -  Warwick Shade Tree Commission

Tulip Tree  -  Warwick Shade Tree Commission

Crabapple  -  Warwick Shade Tree Commission

London Plane  -  Warwick Shade Tree Commission

Golden Raintree  -  Emmerich Tree Farm

Dawn Redwood  -  AGRISCULPTURE

Raging Red Dogwood  -  Warwick Valley Gardeners

2 Sugar Maples

Pignut Hickory


Kentucky Coffeetree


Bicolor Oak

Red Oak


River Birch

American Hornbeam

European Hornbeam

Jefferson Elm

Patriot Elm

New Horizon Elm

Princeton Elm

Weeping Elm - Camperdownii

Canada Red Cherry

Paperbark Maple

Ruby Red Horse Chestnut


Flamethrower Redbud

White Oak

Maple : planted outside the Transformation Trails fence along the surrounding roadway


Earth Day 2024 __ Tree Planting Event with GTI __ Transformation Trails __ 2.jpg

Five New Trees Planted for Earth Day 2024

A highlight of Earth Day 2024 was the Private Tree Planting Event surrounding Transformation Trails in Warwick, NY. 

On Monday April 22, 2024 at 4pm, a super enthusiastic crowd of about 50 people from Green Thumb Industries,

the Warwick Shade Tree Commission, Sustainable Warwick, Transformation Trails and AGRISCULPTURE

gathered to plant five trees in honor of the 54th Earth Day. 

5 Trees Planted in 2024

Katsura  -  Green Thumb Industries

Tupelo  -  Green Thumb Industries

Swamp White Oak  -  Green Thumb Industries

Yellowwood  -  Green Thumb Industries

European Beech  -  Warwick Shade Tree Commission

Earth Day 2024 __ Tree Planting Event with GTI __ Transformation Trails __ 1.jpg

In 1962, with the publishing of Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, which sold half a million copies in 24 countries,

the world stage was set for a new form of environmental awareness – one that acknowledged the Earth and its creatures while establishing a link between increased pollution and decreased human health.  When Earth Day was founded and

the first gatherings occurred on April 22, 1970 – people were listening.  Before the end of that year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency was founded and three pieces of legislation were passed, the National

Environmental Education Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act as well as the Clean Air Act. 

The Clean Water Act followed two years later. 

The Earth Day 2024 event began with the creator of Transformation Trails - Amy Lewis Sweetman of AGRISCULPTURE, sharing this history of Earth Day along with the history of Transformation Trails within Wickham Woodlands of Warwick, NY.  The 750 acre property known today as Wickham Woodlands had once been Lenape land.  In the 1700s it became farmland.  From 1914 to 2011 it hosted a variety of low to mid-level security rehabilitation and prison entities from the

New York City Farm, to the New York State School for Boys to the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility.  When New York

State closed the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in 2011, the 750 acres was sold to the Town of Warwick, having 150

acres for development and allowing for 600 acres to remain natural.  A very particular 10 acres, still surrounded by

former prison fence about 20 feel tall, is the area that has recently become – and is still under construction –

“Transformation Trails : from Prison to Park – Warwick NY’s Arboretum with Pollinator Meadows, Sculpture and History!”

Earth Day 2024 __ Tree Planting Event with GTI __ Transformation Trails __ 3.jpg

Since 2011, many businesses and organizations have been attracted to Wickham Woodlands in Warwick, NY – including sponsors of the Earth Day 2024 event surrounding Transformation Trails, namely Green Thumb Industries, Drowned Lands Brewery, the Warwick Shade Tree Commission, Sustainable Warwick and AGRSCULPTURE.  Four trees were sponsored by Green Thumb Industries, namely a Katsura, a Tupelo, a Swamp White Oak and a Yellowwood Tree and the fifth tree, a European Beech, was sponsored by the Warwick Shade Tree Commission.

Earth Day 2024 __ Tree Planting Event with GTI __ Transformation Trails __ 4.jpg

Smiles were contagious as folks got digging, planting and mulching under a picture perfect blue Spring sky! 

The tree planting itself was led by experts in the field – the Town of Warwick’s Tree Commissioner Karen Emmerich, Warwick Shade Tree Commission members Connor Smith and Brenden Wagner, along with Sean Smyth

and tree farm owner Kurt Emmerich.  As one can see for oneself, the Earth Day 2024 event in Warwick, NY

was a huge success… so head to Wickham Woodlands, seek out the newly planted trees along the road

surrounding Transformation Trails and scan their tree tag QR codes to learn more! 

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